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Putting Communication Back into Presentations

Every semester I venture back to my old college campus and teach presentation skills to the group of students...

You Can Learn a lot from “The Internship”

This weekend, I decided I needed an easy day at the gym. I’ve been pounding hard all week and it was time for my...

The Three Hardest Words to Say Together

Three words can’t be that tough to say. But for a lot of people, particularly public officials these three words are...

SNL’s Latest “Scandal”

Did you watch Saturday Night Live this weekend? Emmy nominee, Kerry Washington, star of the hit ABC show “Scandal”...

The Brady Body Speaks…And Everyone’s Listening!

I never make it a secret that I'm a huge sports fan, and love almost any sport that involves a ball! I also make it no...

I Have a Dream: 50 Years Later

It is one of the most well-known speeches in American history. Today we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Rev. Dr....

Trying Your Case in the Media: Trump vs. NYAG

Did you watch the Today Show this morning? Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the...

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